Marketing To Marketers

18 Mei

Marketing to other marketers to make it easier to make big money, but many buyers never use the product and just trying to pawn them off on other marketers.So you end up with all the people selling scripts, programs, eBooks, and more to other online marketers and they recognize how great they are without ever using them. They’re just trying to make money as an affiliate of the ideas of others.
I’m all for marketing ideas, especially new ones that automate tedious tasks. I like to submit articles and using automated submitter. RSS feeds provide news for my site. Automatically create a link to the Clickbank item based on keywords in my blog is a godsend.
But, for me, if people do not use this product and only pimp to others, they will lose the long-term benefits for the quick buck.
I acknowledge that I have done this in the past and may do so again in the future – but – I only sell products I actually use and approved. That way I can really vouch for them because I have used them and can speak from personal experience.
Personally, I prefer the internet to market to the average Joe. I sell to people who are looking for a deal on a credit card (and I use the super script to keep my current site). I recommend hotels in Thailand and can speak from first hand experience. How to send a link to the hotel in Thailand forum and also has 6 affiliated sites Hotel Thailand.
I also write articles about Thailand and a list of my hotel affiliate links in the author resource box. It’s quite easy to write because I have been traveling to Thailand for over 30 years.
I also write the occasional article marketing or credit to get some traffic to the site.I have about 10 sites the articles and advertise on other sites to submit their articles.
I prefer to make a few dollars marketing a product to people who will actually use it instead of just marketing to someone who will try to sell it to others.
All this is just my personal opinion. There are morally wrong or illegal marketing to marketers anything. I use a lot of items to be sold, especially to make my life a little easier.
One thing I do is object to the people that the market for others and making a false or misleading statement indicating that they use the product and how beautiful when they have never used it and just want to make money.
However, continued to come up with all the great products that marketers can use to make our lives easier. Only honest their markets.

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