Create Your Amazing Videos

29 Mei

Are you interested in creating your own video and upload it to YouTube? Do you want to share your videos with the entire internet community? If yes and this is the first time you try to do it, you might be wondering how to create their own video. Although the process of making videos on YouTube look a bit complicated, but actually not. Even for those who are not computer experts can create their own video.

Here I will explain on how to make a video on You Tube is based on my personal experience.

The First Step
In making a video is the most basic things needed a video recording device. The recording device can pass a cell phone, webcam, or a traditional camcorder. If you are interested in using mobile phones to ensure that your phone has video recording capabilities. But if you want a better quality of a good idea to use a digital camcorder, especially, but webcams are also nice. But I do not recommend using a camcorder or webcam required.

Step Two
Determine the theme or idea you for the kind of video you will upload. For example video blogs, comedy skits, or travel videos, and more. You can make a video about whatever you want. You can create and send any number of video and You Tube is never limiting, but the video condition only lasted ten minutes or less.
If you want to make a video with a duration of more than ten minutes, you must have an account on You Tube.

Step Three
Note also the sound quality when you make a video. The best way is to talk directly to the camera. Because this will help to ensure that they are watching a video you can understand what you are saying.

Step Four
Factor is lighting. The best time to make video is during the day. But if you want to make it at night, make sure you have appropriate lighting. This applies also to the shooting in a confined space.

Step Five
If you experience problems later in life, you can do with a movie editing software. Use editing software to view and edit your video before uploading it to YouTube. If you do not have a movie editing software, you can get this software program for free or you can also buy them online or from any local store media.

In conclusion before you share a video on YouTube, I suggest that you have to edit, alter, or even remove some of the things in your video. The advantage gained from You Tube you can also share with the video uploader the other so that you can share about the problems that arise.

Hopefully the following explanation may help you. and if any input or criticism can send your comments. Thank you

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3 responses to “Create Your Amazing Videos

  1. arientaanggra

    Juni 2, 2012 at 3:44 am

    I hope this helps …. I will try. thank you for the information

    • donisabdono80

      Juni 2, 2012 at 4:16 am

      lease try to upload your video and see the results of your submission

  2. wulansafitri

    Juni 2, 2012 at 3:57 am

    very true …. I’ve often put my video on you tube
    you tube is the right site for us to post the video


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