Where And How You Will Spend a Family Vacation?

02 Jun

What would you do during the holidays with your family? Perhaps you’ll choose between going to the beach, camping or visiting the homes of relatives or old friends. Family vacations are a chance for everyone to spend some quality time with family on weekends. After all this time tired of working. This is an opportunity for parents to get closer to the baby. It’s important to keep lines of communication with the child, and family vacation is a good time to do it.

Have a good relationship between parent and child is one of the most important factor in keeping kids from trouble and will certainly create a harmonious family. Because of course if your family feel harmonious and happy, you will definitely feel happy too right?

Especially when your children have become teenagers, it is important to listen and be flexible for them. Be a friend of a friend or even your own child. This can be a way to be good listeners when they have a small problem with their friends and you are expected to penjadi freshener in your family environment. Find out what the kids want to do. It is important for parents to try to avoid confrontation. Explain why you make decisions and make the rules in the home for children obey. Invite your wife and your children to go out for a moment, give freedom in choosing a destination. But there remains the decision yourself. It is possible they will choose a park or beach. It would not hurt if you took one of their friends to be invited to tour together. Give space flexibility for your baby. Sometimes these ways can help kids open up and communicate about their problems. They may also feel lonely and need extra attention to you.

When family vacation time, your child does not cooperate or not behaving properly, try to resolve the issue openly. You need to explain to children how their attitudes and behavior is not justified, and they may learn to act and behave appropriately.

Do not forget to bring supplies such as snacks, drinks, or bring a guitar. Sing your favorite baby. Sometimes children enjoy a long car trip. Create a relaxed and casual atmosphere in the car, but you should still focus on driving. Also provide a CD or cassette, video phones. Encourage your baby to enjoy the natural atmosphere during the trip. If you bring a map, they also teach how to read the map because it becomes a means of education as well for them. With the feel of a vacation so you will feel different and wonderful that will probably always be remembered in the memory of the children.

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2 responses to “Where And How You Will Spend a Family Vacation?

  1. herman bodong

    Juni 3, 2012 at 5:46 am

    mau tanya nih ?
    gmn caranya buat nasehati anak yang susah diatur ya soalnya anak q sukanya ngejahilin temen2nya di sekolah deh

    • donisabdono80

      Juni 3, 2012 at 11:45 am

      mungkin ungkapan like father like son ada benernya juga tuh..hehehehe


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